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Inspired by a customer who had a very specific order for me, I came up with this one similar but not the same as her request. This wine stave basket has been created from 3 full length staves and is a stunning addition to any home and a fantastic gift for friends or family. 3 French oak wine barrel staves have been finely sanded using up to 600 grit paper and joined together with their original barrel banding wrapping up the sides, secured with finishing screws. The hand twisted handle adds creativity and a unique focal point to the basket.  

Fill it with sea shells, Christmas balls or dried flowers, or in front of the fireplace to hold kindling (my favorite idea). This piece also makes a stunning centerpiece for a large farmhouse dining room table or a serving buffet. It has been treated with several coats of pure Tung Oil but still has a super rustic and aged look. It measures 35" in length and approx. 12" wide.

Wine Barrel Stave Basket with Twisted Banding

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