WOW! I honestly didn't imagine these pieces would turn out looking this great. This stave has beautiful markings all over where the banding screws have pressed into the wood creating slight indentions. These markings show such character and uniqueness on the clocks and are perfect with the "imperfections". The backside has not been altered and shows the natural cracks from the moisture inside the barrel. Rustic, classic and elegant. We used the original banding and tacks to add even more character and I love it! The clock is inserted in the original bung hole, we just widened it by another inch.  I picture this hanging in an office, a den, a formal living area or a wine cellar. 

The clock face insert is 3.5 inches in diameter and the stave is @ 36" in length and 4" wide. 

The oak has been finely sanded and treated with multiple coats of Tung oil for protection and shine.

Wine Barrel Stave Wall Clock